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Émilie holds a bachelor's degree in history. She has been part of the BORÉALIS animation team since its very beginning. With several years' experience in the Trois-Rivières tourism milieu, she regularly leads educational activities for young people and guided tours for the Boréalis public. Émilie also helps to create new activities at Boréalis.


819 372-4614, ext. 5186



Catherine holds a Master’s degree in Quebecois Studies. She’s been a member of the BORÉALIS’ team since it opened its doors. She started off as a guide and now oversees the museum’s research and collection-related activities. In the past, she has taken part in various exhibition, publication and research projects within the Cultural Heritage Dissemination Team. As a true industrial history enthusiast, she knows our collection inside out and is always excited to meet former industry workers and listen to their countless stories! As a matter of fact, she’s the one in charge of collecting the testimonials of former workers.


Research and Collection Technician
819 372-4614, ext. 5172