Cycle 3

DURATION: 1 HOUR each activity


General activities

Apprentice Papermakers – Tour of the permanent exhibition

Papermakers wanted! Follow your guide on a journey in which all of your senses will be heightened. Pay close attention: not everyone is cut out to be a papermaker . . . Will you pass the test?

Teaching tool
Activity description

The tour of the BORÉALIS permanent exhibition is an opportunity for students to learn about the important role of pulp and paper in the history of Trois-Rivières, and to see how paper is made—an invention dating back almost 2,000 years.


The visit starts with a trivia quiz, followed by a guided tour to reinforce learning. At the end, students receive a Super Apprentice Papermaker certificate.

Specific activity

From Nature to the Printed Page – Science workshop

Books, magazines, notebooks . . . paper is everywhere! But do you know how it is made? Now’s your chance to find out! Using artisanal techniques, you’ll create your very own piece of paper, which you can then decorate to your liking. Phew! A lot of work goes into making a single sheet of paper

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Activity description

Water is an essential part of the papermaking process. It is combined with wood chips to create pulp. For optimal-quality paper, the pumped water has to be filtered and purified with chlorine.

This science workshop gives children an opportunity to observe pumping in the actual pump room of the former filtration plant. Then, in the Discovery Lab, they observe a demonstration of water filtration and get to make their own sheet of paper.