Cycle 2

DURATION: 1 HOUR each activity


General activities

Papermakers Wanted – Tour of the permanent exhibition

Do you have what it takes to be a papermaker? Could you deal with lice in the lumber camp, brave the dangers of the log drive, and live in a cramped apartment with your eight children? Do the deafening noises of machinery and extreme heat bother you? Not everyone is cut out to be a papermaker . . . Will you pass the test?


Teaching tool
Activity description

The tour of the BORÉALIS permanent exhibition is an opportunity for students to learn about the important role of pulp and paper in the history of Trois-Rivières, and to see how paper is made—an invention dating back almost 2,000 years.


The visit starts with a trivia quiz, followed by a guided tour based on the correct answers to the quiz questions. Students discover the permanent exhibition, pump room and water reservoir.

Specific activities

Depression Council

It is 1937, and the owners of the major paper mills of Trois-Rivières have agreed to meet the workers’ representatives. The students will play the role of a figure from this period during a debate where they will discuss working conditions and defend their party’s interests.

First Shift

During this stimulating urban tour boasting soundscapes and workers’ accounts, students will see what it was like to be a new employee of Canadian International Paper, the largest paper mill in the world at the time. During their first shift, your students will discover the mill’s operations, its nooks and crannies, and living conditions in the neighbourhood and savour the anecdotes told by papermakers of the day. A Unique Experience.