DURATION: 1 HOUR each activity

Tsi-Tsi’s World - Art-making workshop

Tsi-Tsi the Wasp has a valuable secret: the recipe for papermaking. By listening to the story, and joining in, you’ll find out whether Tsi-Tsi is willing to share her secret with her new friends. After that, you’ll make your own puppets based on the story.

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Activity description

The BORÉALIS visit is divided into two activities: a nursery rhyme and story, followed by a puppet-making workshop.


The nursery rhyme is a fun way to teach children about the papermaking process. It’s also a way to make them aware of the importance of regenerating our precious forest resources.

During the interactive story, the children will meet the characters Fuzzy Peck and Tsi-Tsi the Wasp. They’ll embark on an exciting journey down the river, through forests and villages, and into the pulp and paper mill. They’ll discover the world of log driving and learn about how humans use wood and water to make paper—much like wasps!


Finally, the children will make their own puppet versions of Fuzzy Peck and Tsi-Tsi the Wasp.

Mr. Dizzy Needs Help! - Guided activity

The pictures in Mr. Dizzy’s book won’t stay put! They’ve all run off to hide in the exhibition. Quick, little sprouts, we have to help him! Can you find all the missing pictures?

Teaching tool
Activity description

First, the children listen to a message from Mr. Dizzy, asking them to help him find the missing pictures.


The eight missing pictures are cut into four puzzle-like pieces. All 32 pieces are hidden in three exhibition areas:

  • The forest and river
  • The paper machine
  • The invention of paper


The children explore these three areas to find the hidden pictures.


After all the pieces have been found, each child will try to find the matching pieces in his or her set, to assemble the puzzle. During this activity, the animator will show and explain a selection of artefacts, photos and videos. The children are invited to mime certain gestures.

Once Mr. Dizzy has recovered all of his pictures, the animator will tell the children a story called “The Secret of Paper.”

The Clothes Make the Papermaker

The papermaker's suitcase has fallen in the vaults and its contents are everywhere. Help the papermaker find his things before he goes off to work.