Memory space


Located at the heart of the museum’s permanent exhibition, Memory Space presents, through short and medium-length documentaries, the different testimonials gathered by Boréalis over the years. Each year, a different theme is presented. This year, Memory Space features the short film: “L’ère du gros lard.”



To get the strength they needed to do their hard work, lumberjacks would devour gargantuan meals. Let us tell you this story through people who have experienced the life, but mostly the food in the camps!

  • Script writing and editing: David D.D.
  • Animation: Suzie Bergeron
  • Music: André Brunet
  • Coordination: Catherine Lampron-Desaulniers


1 - Alain Didier, land owner, Gaspésie
2 - Émile Gélinas, cook, lumberjack, log driver, Mauricie
3 - Yvon Morin, camp foreman, Outaouais
4 - Éloi St-Amour, log driver, Outaouais
5 - Rollande Paquette, camp cook, Outaouais
6 - Émile Gélinas, cook, lumberjack, log driver, Mauricie


Production of this documentary has been made possible through a financial contribution from ministère de la Culture as part of the Programme d’aide au fonctionnement  des institutions muséales.




Memory Space is located in the multipurpose room, at the heart of the permanent exhibition.