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For thousands of Canadians, the mention of pulp and paper evokes the memory of a lumberjack working in the heart of the boreal forest or a papermaker going to work, his lunch box in hand. Our grandfathers have talked to us on numerous occasions about the ambient noise at the plant, the heat from the machines and the demanding nature of working on shifts. What about our mothers and grandmothers? FEMMES DE PAPIER offers a feminine perspective on a male-predominant industry.


Through various interactive stations, you are invited to discover the daily lives of women from different environments: stay-at-home mothers, cooks in logging camps, plant secretaries or women who challenged norms by being actively involved in the production process. Their stories, often lived in parallel with their husband’s reality, dismantle prejudices. From the papermaker’s daughter to the plant director, these women from the paper industry will make you laugh, but mostly, they will remind you of how far we have come over the last fifty years.


FEMMES DE PAPIER is a touching and interactive exhibit which provides a different and genuine glimpse into the reality of women who contributed to history.



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Odyssée des Batisseurs – Alma

From june 14 to september 26 2018

Cascades - Kingsey Falls

From May 2 to June 16 2019

Boréalis – Trois-Rivières From june to september 2019
MUSO – Valleyfield

From november 2019 to march 2020

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Ten years ago, the landscape of the world capital of newsprint paper was forever changed as the dismantling of Canadian International Paper (CIP) was completed. Although the paper mill was swept away by wrecking balls and bulldozers, its history lives on in the memories of its former workers and at Boréalis which showcases Trois-Rivières’ pulp and paper industry.

Workers’ Memories is historical during the day and artistic by night. Whether you’re a visitor or a passerby, this urban relaxation area on the Boréalis’ promenade invites you to stop and take the time to remember our past while enjoying this place etched in history.

Workers’ Memories is an outdoor exhibition that marks the 10th anniversary of the CIP’s demolition. By creating an urban relaxation area, Boréalis wanted citizens to appropriate the space while learning about the industrial vocation the site had in the past.

Many knowing winks were given to the former workers of the CIP through this exhibition. Whether it is the blue accents, which bring to mind their work clothes, or the iconic lunch box, which contain the chalk sticks visitors use to indicate their links with Trois-Rivières’ CIP, every single detail has been thoroughly considered.

During the construction of the relaxation area, a pergola and canvases were installed to create a restful, shaded area. The canvases evoke the passing of the sheet of paper through the machine. Since Trois-Rivières was long ago the world capital of newsprint paper, it went without saying that these canvases highlight the existence of the four paper mills of the area, represented here in newspaper articles from that time.

Underneath this pergola, there are tables covered with large format archival photographs which enliven the space, as well as a huge plan of the CIP that helps visitors have a good understanding of how important the mill once was to Trois-Rivières’ landscape. Pivoting cubes illustrating the CIP’s themes – “A world-renowned mill”, “At the mill, just like at home”, and “Closed mill, broken dreams” – showcase the collection’s testimonials and serve as a narrative framework for the exhibition. Finally, beneath the visitor’s feet, workers’ foot prints indicate the path to follow to make sure nothing is missed … not even the anecdotes which pepper the ground.

The exhibition’s artistic component presents the work of Marc Gosselin, entitled Boréalis (2016). Using mixed techniques on wood, the artist evokes the passing of time and the resilience of a site following its dismantling. Designed exclusively for the exhibition, this work takes on its full meaning during the night, while the mill fades away to unveil its vestiges.


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From july to october. Back in 2017th summer.


Workers’ Memories is an outdoor exhibition that marks the 10th anniversary of the CIP’s demolition.

Created in collaboration with

Victor & Cie
TacTac Espaces profitables
Enseignes Professionnelles


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The Société des écrivains de la Mauricie has created a unique summer event which will allow the public to discover the written works of Mauricie authors. Spectators are invited to walk through a veritable shower of books in an installation entirely made of the plural vitality of our regional literature!


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In partnership with the Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine (BNSC), Boréalis hosts an exhibition from the Canadian artist Marla Hlady from July 19th to August 31st 2014.

Marla presents under the BNSC 2014’s theme “Perdre Pied” (Losing Ground) sculptures inspired by the machines at Boréalis. As a sound sculpture artist, she explores different ways of perceiving sounds through spacial and social contexts. The visitor is invited to experience her work in Boréalis’ contemporary space.


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GENERATIONS proposes a perspective on the industry from a human point of view and through a series of generational portraits.

Following a call to the public launched in many regions of Quebec last April, unique testimonials from ten different families were recorded by videographer Simon Rodrigue, under the coordination of Ms. Élise-Laurence Pauzé-Guay, Boréalis’ Exhibitions Director. These stories, told by everyday heroes and public figures, raise the curtains on a past of sweat and hard work, as well as pride and passion.

Throughout this quest, the Boréalis’ team was able to collect captivating testimonials from some of the pioneers of the Quebec paper industry, such as the KRUGERS (Kruger Inc.), the LEMAIRES (Papier Cascades Inc.), the PERRONS (Normick Perron Inc.) and the PRICES (Abitibi-Price Inc.). Focus will also be placed on six working families and their larger-than-life stories. At the end of the journey, five paper producing regions were visited: Mauricie, Estrie, Centre-du-Québec, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

An Exhibition From Trois-Rivières
The major feature of this exhibition is that it was entirely put together in Trois-Rivières! While creating its first exhibition, Boréalis developed a distinctive signature which will be reflected through museology which combines traditional folklore with very contemporary design. Among other things, the firm Acolyte from Trois-Rivières was commissioned to create the graphic design elements of the project. What’s more, the Boréalis’ team called on the skills of five regional artists to integrate contemporary visual art to this new exhibit. The artists Alejandra Basanes, Lynda Baril, Lorraine Beaulieu, Winji and Geneviève Baril interpreted themes related to GENERATIONS to create works of art that will be integrated into the concept.

Striking, Symbolic Branding
Just in front of Boréalis’ branding image sign hangs a chain of paper dolls; a symbol which has been handed down through many generations and that still exists in our children’s crafts. Perfect symbol of the family, the chain of paper dolls represents the generations featured in the exhibition. That’s how Acolyte exposed their concept, a concept which is timeless, illustrative, dynamic and, most importantly, eye-catching! The intense black and white contrast reminds us, among other things, of the combination of social classes featured through the exhibition. This contrast supports the timelessness of the topics presented and highlights the complexity of the feelings experienced. The yellow, for its part, represents the signage system that plants have been using for decades. Under the artistic direction of David Gélinas and the coordination of Martin Dugré, Associate, and Emmanuelle Clément, Project Manager, the graphic design concept of the exhibition will certainly be innovative and speak to everyone.

GENERATIONS will travel…
Thanks to funding received through the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Museums Assistance Program (MAP), the exhibition GENERATIONS will travel to Eastern Canada. Its first stops are in the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick, for which the museological content will be adjusted (interviews, families, visual elements and artefacts), thereby opening the door to other destinations across Canada and abroad. This tour is managed in partnership with the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum. 
Through this project, Boréalis positions itself as a Quebec leader in industrial memory-based heritage.


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