Roots and Identity

Experience a unique encounter between man and machine through Roots and Identity, an exhibit housed in an architectural landmark: the former filtration plant of the Canadian International Paper Company. The exhibit reveals the many facets of the more than 100-year-old paper industry through themes such as logging, water, factory work, lumberjacks and log drivers, and the emergence of working-class districts. By looking at the past, we can better understand the future challenges of this major industry!

See how a paper machine works; try your hand at water pumping and filtration; feel the heat, smell, humidity and noise of a 20th-century paper mill; discover a huge multimedia display on forestry; experience the thrill of the underground vaults; step into the unique environment of a water tower in the middle of the Saint-Maurice River... These are just some of the memorable experiences that await you at BORÉALIS!


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paper industry in the 20th century, workers, lumberjacks, log drivers, working-class districts, social life

Created in collaboration with

Groupe GID Design
ACMÉ Atelier de décor
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