For thousands of Canadians, the mention of pulp and paper evokes the memory of a lumberjack working in the heart of the boreal forest or a papermaker going to work, his lunch box in hand. Our grandfathers have talked to us on numerous occasions about the ambient noise at the plant, the heat from the machines and the demanding nature of working on shifts. What about our mothers and grandmothers? FEMMES DE PAPIER offers a feminine perspective on a male-predominant industry.


Through various interactive stations, you are invited to discover the daily lives of women from different environments: stay-at-home mothers, cooks in logging camps, plant secretaries or women who challenged norms by being actively involved in the production process. Their stories, often lived in parallel with their husband’s reality, dismantle prejudices. From the papermaker’s daughter to the plant director, these women from the paper industry will make you laugh, but mostly, they will remind you of how far we have come over the last fifty years.


FEMMES DE PAPIER is a touching and interactive exhibit which provides a different and genuine glimpse into the reality of women who contributed to history.



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Odyssée des Batisseurs – Alma

From june 14 to september 26 2018

Cascades - Kingsey Falls

From May 2 to June 16 2019

Boréalis – Trois-Rivières From june to september 2019
MUSO – Valleyfield

From november 2019 to march 2020

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