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Research and Collection

A Boréalis' expertise

Since it opened its doors in 2010, Boréalis has made it his mission to preserve heritage assets related to the paper and forestry industries.  When it created its permanent exhibition, Boréalis laid the foundations of its identity as a museum and decided to focus on the human experiences behind the artifacts and iconographic archives.

Since 2010, our collection consists of:

  • Nearly 200 objects;
  • 245 paper and textual documents;
  • 4,443 archival photographs.

It is also:

  • 127 testimonies;
  • 10,000 km on the road;
  • 12 regions of Québec visited;
  • 280 hours of shooting.

Hence, testimonies are central to Boréalis’ activities. As a guardian of memories, Boréalis offers a preservation, research, dissemination, and collection promotion space, which mainly focuses on our memory-based heritage. This is how the memory of former workers is preserved.

In 2017, a delegation of three members of the Boréalis’ team went to France to exchange, among other things, about the testimony collection challenges. Our team gave a master class about the collection process and co-wrote with its French counterparts a testimony collection manual adapted to the realities of small and medium-sized museums.

Access to our collections

It is possible to browse our collections!


Catherine Lampron-Desaulniers, Research and Collection Technician
819-372-4614, ext. 5106

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