Frequently asked questions

Do I need the vaccine passport to visit the museum?


The vaccine passport is not required in museums, neither for exhibition visits nor program activities.


Room Rental

In order to comply with the health measures announced by the government of Quebec and the Public Health Agency, the vaccine passport will be required to rent rooms.

This is in addition to the health measures currently in force, namely physical distancing, wearing a face covering, handwashing and the limited number of people allowed to gather.

Information on the Enforcement of the Vaccine Passport:

  • You’ll be asked to show the vaccine passport issued by Public Health and a photo identification when you arrive. Anyone who cannot provide these proofs will be denied access.
  • The photo identification is required for people over the age of 16.
  • Teenagers aged between 13 and 16 will be asked to provide identification without photo (ex. Health card, student card), in addition to the vaccine passport.
  • No identification will be necessary for children under 13 years of age.
  • We recommend that you arrive in advance since the entry process may be longer as a result of the new procedures.
  • To learn more about the vaccine passport, visit the government of Quebec’s website.
  • Thank for your understanding, we look forward to seeing you again!

Do I have to make a reservation to visit Boréalis?  

Given the health measures put in place in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an obligation to regulate the flow of visitors (one family unit at a time) to ensure adequate time between each admission. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you book your time slot in advance by phone at 819-372-4633.

What is a family unit?  

A family unit is a group of people who live under the same roof. For example, a couple, a family, roommates, or a single person are all considered family units.

Are exhibitions bilingual?  

Our permanent exhibition Roots and Identity is presented both in French and English (exhibition texts). You can also do an audio-guided tour in French, English and Spanish.

How long will it take me to visit Boréalis?

The duration may vary depending on the type of visit you decide to do, that is either a guided tour or an audio-guided tour. That being said, the guided tour of the permanent exhibition takes about an hour. As for the audio-guided visit, the duration varies a lot from one person to another, it largely depends on whether you read all of the texts and listen to all of the audios and videos or not. The average time of a visit is an hour and a half.

Does the museum offer Wi-Fi access to visitors?

Wi-Fi is free for visitors so they can access the various audio-guided tours available from their smart device, either phone or tablet. Don’t forget to charge your device before the visit!

Is there parking spaces at the museum?  

The parking lot (limited number of spaces) is accessible free of charge for the museum and the terrace’s clientele. There are also three parking spaces for people with mobility issues who have parking badges near the main entrance, in the circle. Please note that there is also free parking all along Des Draveurs Avenue.

Is there a bike rack at the museum?  

Yes, there is a bike rack near the main entrance. Don’t forget your bike lock. Cyclists are welcomed!

What is the simplest itinerary to get to Boréalis? 

Via the highway

Whether you’re coming from Québec (Autoroute 40 East) or Montréal (Autoroute 40 West), we strongly recommend that you take the exit 201 – boulevard des Chenaux and follow the signs.  You’ll have to turn right on boulevard des Chenaux and keep driving for about 3 km after taking the exit.

Is there a restaurant at the museum?

Boréalis has a beautiful terrace with a bistro opened during the summer only. (June to August inclusively.)

Is there a picnic area?

There is a designated area with picnic tables accessible to everyone on the north side of the building. To access it, simply walk along the facade of the building. The area will be on your right next to the St-Maurice River.

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?  

Boréalis is partially wheelchair accessible. There is only one room, where our short films are shown, that is not wheelchair accessible since there are two steps to access it. You can also use the man lift to access the different floors of the museum. That being said, the visit remains just as interesting, even if the short films are an added value to the museum.

Is the museum stroller accessible?

The Boréalis museum is perfectly stroller accessible and has baby-changing tables in both women’s and men’s washroom.  The whole family is welcomed!

Can we take pictures inside the museum?

Yes, you can bring your camera. Although, you can’t take pictures of the artifacts displayed in the various exhibition cases. Pictograms are posted well in view in places where it is forbidden to take pictures.

Does Boréalis allow dogs?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept dogs in the museum or on the terrace. The same rule applies to all of the municipal buildings. However, we do make an exception for clearly identified guide dogs. Thank for your understanding!  

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