MP10 – A Machine under Transformation 

MP10 – A Machine under Transformation 

Production date


Boréalis’ presentation date

October 2017 to May 2019 


Current paper industry, Trois-Rivières’ plant, machine modification, cardboard plant, research and development. 

After producing 16 million kilometres of newsprint paper, the paper machine no. 10 was shutdown. Over the next few months, every possible effort was made to write a new chapter of Trois-Rivières’ paper industry: the paperboard.

To witness at first hand this major event that was going to forever change the famous, mythical paper machine no. 10, Boréalis took the initiative of contacting Kruger Inc. to immortalize the present. This led, a few months later, to the presentation of a temporary exhibition, which enables visitors and Trifluvians to briefly immerse themselves in the world of this industrial giant, as if they were really there.

Through beautiful pictures showcasing the work of employees, visitors can learn about the men and women who worked on the transformation of the machine no. 10. The quotes on the ground and screens reflect the pride of the project team.  Four huge banners present the historical framework, demonstrating the important place Kruger Inc. holds in Trois-Rivières, and enable visitors to understand the context that led to the industry’s transformation. Through a virtual reality experience, people are able to visit the newly converted machine and witness the production of a linerboard roll. Because sometimes words are not enough, a time lapse was created to show the magnitude of the transformation project, which, let us not forget, took 20 months and mobilized hundreds of workers. Lastly, to immortalize the present in our own way, visitors are invited to share how they are connected to the paper industry in a designated area.