Roots and Identity

Roots and Identity

Boréalis' presentation date

Permanently, until October 1, 2023


20th century paper industry, workers, lumberjacks, log drivers, working-class districts and social life. 

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Experience a unique encounter between man and machine through Roots and Identity, an exhibit housed in an architectural landmark: the former filtration plant of the Canadian International Paper Company (CIP). The exhibit reveals the many facets of the more than 100-year-old paper industry through different themes, such as logging, the omnipresence of water, factory work, lumberjacks and log drivers’ life, and the emergence of working-class districts. An exhibit on the great workers of the past that promotes a better understanding of this large industry’s future challenges!

Discover how a paper machine works, experiment with water pumping and filtration, explore the underground water reservoir for some great excitement, immerse yourself in the unique universe of the water tower located in the St-Maurice River. BORÉALIS, more than just a museum. An unforgettable experience!

Inside the exhibition, you’ll find the 5S Passage, which stimulates the five senses: hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight. Through three stations, we offer you an experience that perfectly combines modern technology and ancient artifacts. Go for it! Smell the strong odour that was sometimes emanating from the plants, observe fibres through a microscope, touch the surprising consistency of paper pulp. And there’s more… Thanks to a unique room that simulates heat, humidity and rumblings, you’ll be able to experience the working conditions of workers back in the days. 5S Passage fits perfectly with the museum’s Experience tour, which includes two interactive activities: The Papermaking Workshop and the Path of Forgotten Souls.

Located at the heart of the museum’s permanent exhibition, Memory Space also presents, through short and medium-length documentaries, the many testimonials gathered by Boréalis over the years. Each year, a different theme will be presented.

As it strives to promote the region’s artistic multidisciplinarity, BORÉALIS brought together renowned artists to refine its exhibitions and showcase the historical, industrial heritage of the building! Come discover these incredible works which complete the visit of the permanent exhibition.

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